We are especially proud of our natural soap. Today, our range of soap consists of about 70 different shapes and types of fragrances. Soap does not contain preservatives. One of the interesting features of this soap is that it is produced in a large bars weight about 1200- 1300 gr. and then in a shop we are providing it for the customers in the required quantities by cutting it. Then our sales assistant is wrapping this piece of soap in a specially designed packaging and decorating it with beautiful ribbons according to your request.
All our types of soaps have amazing and unforgettable colors, designs and of course miracle fragrances.
Our gentle soap, thanks to its composition of grape seed oil enriches the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, cleans and protects against the harmful influences of the environment. It also contains sweet almond oil, which is very rich in vitamin B group. Vitamins B2 and B3 promote metabolism and are essential for maintaining of healthy skin. Almond oil tightens and nourishes the skin, activates the mechanisms of the skin rejuvenation, has regenerative and healing values. Each soap has its own unique and unrepeatable flavor.

Slide soap Greipfruit 305x185
Soap Miss charm 305x185
Miss Charm
Soap Erotica 305x185
soap Raspberry1- 305x185
Soap Don Juan 305x185
Don Juan
soap Sirenj 305x185
Soap Cleopatra 305x185
soap Good mood 305x185
 Good mood
Soap Good Luck 305x185
 Good luck
Soap Watermelone 305x185
Sugar watermelone
Soap Mild Chocolate 2-305x185
Mild chocolate
Soap Berry coctail 305x185
Berry coctail
soap LADY 305x185
Soap Love 305x185
soap Strawberry 305x185
 Sweet strawberry
SoapYIN YAN  305x185
Soap Stop cellulit  305x185
Soap Goat milk  cinnamon305x185
Cinnamon and goat milk