What could be better than a warm relaxing bath with the gentle fragrance after a long working day. Warm water helps you to relax, relieve tension, stress and negative energy. By adding to the warm water one of our aromatic bombs you can transform an ordinary bath taking process into a magical relaxation ritual.
What is the secret of our bath bombs? The Natural sea salt contains the minerals necessary for our health such as Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Ferrum (Fe). It also improves the blood circulation. Dry milk contains vitamins A and B2, which fosters beautiful and healthy skin and whole organism.
Our bath bombs due to their composition of grape seed oil enrich the skin with nutrients, moisturize, protect against the harmful environment effects. They also contain sweet almond oil, which is very rich in B vitamins. Vitamins B2 and B3 promote metabolism and are essential for maintaining healthy skin.
Beauty Shop Bath bomb ChamomileEucalyptus 305x185
Chamomile and eucalyptus
Beauty Shop Bath bomb Mild Almond  chocolate 305x185
Chocolate and almond
Natural Bath bomb Grapefruit305x185 Beauty Shop1 305x185
Bath bomb Don Juan 305x185 new Beauty Shop 305x185
Don Juan
Bath Bomb 305X185 STOP CELLULITE Beauty Shop
Bomb for bath Love Universal 305x185 natural
Bath bomb RASPBERRY 305x185 Beauty Shop
Beauty Shop Bath bomb ChamomileLavender 305x185
Chamomile and lavender
Beauty Shop Bath bomb OrangeCinnamonChocolate 305x185
Orange with cinnamon and chocolate
Bomb Salt for bath Cleopatra U 305x185
Bath Bomb Dr.Lavender 305x185 Beauty Shop
Doctor Lavender
Bomb Salt for bath natural Lady 305x185
IMG 2283r
Good luck
Bath Bomb WATERMELONE 305x185 Beauty Shop
Sugar watermelone
Beauty Shop Bath bomb Grapefruit 305x185
Grapefruit and oats
Beauty Shop Bath bomb Kazanova 305x185
Bath bomb 305x185 Beauty Shop Vintage
Miss Charm
Bath Bomb MILD CHOCOLATE 305x185 Beauty Shop
Mild Chocolate
Bath Bomb GOOD MOOD 305x185 Beauty Shop
Good mood
Bath bomb Strawberry 305x185 Beauty Shop
Sweet strawberry
Natural Sea Salt Peppermint Beauty Shop 305x185.jpg 305x185