Our amazing natural face and body butters are based on Shea butter, Cocoa butter and sweet Almond oil.
Shea butter has a very unique and useful for the skin properties. By being absorbed without leaving greasy luster, it is known as one of the best skin and hair emollients (softeners), has regenerating properties and ability to stimulate the synthesis of natural collagen, it protects the skin from UV rays (SPF6 factor) and intensifies protective properties of the skin. By using it for hair it makes them more elastic, strong and shiny.
Cocoa butter is mainly composed of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, such as oleic, stearic, linoleic and more. All of these have very important role in skin metabolism and have excellent anti-allergic properties. Cocoa butter has a healing and tonic effect, thanks to caffeine and tannines in its composition. Complex of A, E, D3 vitamins and lecithin makes it useful for eyebrows, eyelashes and hair care, as well as allows using it as a balsam for dry and chapped lips.
Each of our body butters has its own unique aroma and beneficial properties.

Natural pharmacy Body butter Scrub 305x185 Beauty Shop
Natural Pharmacy
Scrub Grapefruit 305x185
Butter Lady 305x185
butter Love 305x185
Butter Strawberry 305x185
Sweet strawberry
Butter YIN YAN 305x185
Butter Shea 305x185
 100%Shea butter 100% natural
Chocolate mask 305x185 Beauty Shop 305x185
Chocolate mask
Butter-scrub stop cellulit 305x185
Body butter mr.Kazanova 305x135
Butter Miss charm 305x185
Miss Charm
Butter Erotica 305x185
Butter-Scrub Raspberry 305x185
Butter Don Juan 305x185
Don Juan
Butter -ScrubLavender 305x185
Doctor Lavender
Body butter Peppermint Beauty Shop 305x185
Butter Cleopatra 305x185
Butter Good mood 305x185
Good mood
Butter-scrub Good mood 305x185
Good Luck!
Butter-scrub Watermelone 305x185
Sugar Watermelone
Butter-scrub Sweet dreams 305x185
Sweet dreams
Butter -scrub Chocolate 305x185
Mild Chocolate