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SPECIAL OFFER for beauty and health!
Pamper your body with natural nourishing body butters in a cold winter season, when the skin becomes especially dry, flaky and dehydrated. They can also be used for face,as a lip balm and moisturizing protecting hand 2 body butters  get 3 as a gift250x152
All body butters are prepared on the basis of natural Shea Butter, which has many amazing properties. Please read more here
Our products, moreover, do not contain chemical preservatives .In turn, cocoa butter and wheat germ oil, which are used in their composition as natural preservatives, are also a source of such vitamins as A, E, D. Cocoa butter is very rich in amino acids and proteins which are so necessary for the skin nutrition.
All our body butters contain or 2% of essential oils or of delicate perfumes, which makes them more enjoyable in use. You can choose the fragrance which is more suitable for you and this soft pleasant aroma will accompany you throughout all day after use.
Now you have a unique opportunity to buy any two body butters and get any third for FREE! The price of one is 9.90 euro/75 gr.
More information about all our amazing body butters is here:
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Shopping Mall "Galleria Riga", Dzirnavu 67,4 floor, Beauty Shop +371 22118385
Shopping Mall Riga Plaza, Mukusalas str.71 , 2 floor , in a front of HOUSE store . Phone : +371 2 2150861

November 21, 2014-Beauty Shop became a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which opens up great opportunities for the development of our beautiful concepts, both in our country and abroad.

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In 2014 the "Natural Product" trademark was awarded to "Beauty Shop" cosmetics, thus drawing attention to the natural origin and high quality of the produced by company cosmetic.
The trademark "Natural Product" confirms the compliance of the products to the following criteria: they do not contain harmful additives and the process of the production complies with the requirements (environment and the process of the production does not affect quality of the products).
We live in an era, where quality does not always receive sufficient attention – most important is to get everything fast .It's related to the food, beverages, as well as to the cosmetic products. That's why our company is very glad to offer to our customers qualitative and natural products.
"Latvian people must be sure that by making a purchase they will be able to identify products, which are natural and  that this products will be not harmful for their health. I am happy that there are such companies in Latvia, which taking care about the wellbeing of their customers, producing high-quality products from the  local materials and make them visible on a store shelves, labeling every product with a sign "Natural Product" ",says Ieva Rozenberga-Project Manager of "Natural Products" Trademark office.